VOL. I, ISSUE I. 2018: 

Still from  Theatre lovers , 2018 by saddiq abubakar  (SEE "FEATURE")

Still from Theatre lovers, 2018 by saddiq abubakar  (SEE "FEATURE")

Theatre Lovers by Saddiq Abubakar (Premiered June 13th, 2018) 

We have all seen films about hate, and we've all seem films about love, but has there ever been a film about intrigue that manifests itself as hate but is actually an invitation for potential love? Racism is not always black and white, it isn't always bald heads with tattoos or confederate flags waving while hateful rhetoric fills the air. Sometimes racism is accidentally displayed by people who sincerely want to connect with someone but can't because the only tools that they have are those given to them by a prejudice society. This is what my film is about. It's an awkward, modern tale of two people who could have a great connection but likely never will because of the racial, class, and age barriers that come between them.

- Saddiq
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